General Health and Wellness Wish List — Easy to pack items that we use every day!

  • ­ FrontlinePlus, AdvantageMulti, Advantix or similar monthly treatments for pups, kittens, dogs and cats
  • ­ Flea & Tick sprays
  • ­ Shampoos — medicated, flea, puppy, kitten and general use
  • ­ Heartgard, Worm Shield, Ivermectin and similar internal parasite medications
  • ­ Broad spectrum antibiotics
  • ­ Rimadyl and other pain medications
  • ­ Antibiotic and skin creams, ointments and oils — Burn Treatments
  • ­ Vitamins of all kinds; Other nutritional supplements
  • ­ Brushes, combs and other grooming supplies
  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin powder or capsules
  • New or gently used collars, leashes and cable trolley dog runs


  1. Hi there,
    We will be visiting Panajachel March 19 to 28th. We will have some items to donate. How can we contact you?


  2. Hi Erica. Please see our reply in a personal email message to you.

  3. We are from the U.S. living in San Marcos with our little dog for a month. We are very anxious to find a vet in this area. Please respond with a phone number and location of the vet’s office. We would love to know where to take our dog in case of an emergency. We are hoping to bring our dog to meet the vet and make a donation! 🙂

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