Q:   Is Ayuda some kind of animal shelter?

A:  We do not own nor operate a traditional animal shelter. We perceive the scope of work to be as an open no-walls sanctuary of care for the homeless.  Working with a caring society of local government agencies, businesses, and private residents, we practice Catch Treat Release and Maintain techniques, as well as facilitate adoptions and foster care for homeless.

Q:  Is Ayuda some kind of animal rescue group?

A: Yes, to the extent that we do not have a shelter.  We are frequently notified of animals in need.  As a minimum, we provide and facilitate health care, including emergency services by our interns under the tutelage of our local professional veterinarian’s practice.

Q:  How much of your donations goes towards administration and overhead?

A: 4% of donations received go towards administrative overhead. This covers the cost of our required independent CPA along with office supplies. The remainder goes directly towards animal care.

Q:  Why is Ayuda being recognized as a formal nonprofit group only in Guatemala?  Are you planning to acquire a US IRS 501.c.3 classification?

A: At this time, we are limiting the use of our modest assets to the country in which we operate.

Q:  Are donations tax deductible?

A:  We recognize that the subject of tax deductions for donations is very personal and varies by country and individual’s circumstances.  We suggest that contributors consult with whoever it is that prepares their tax filings.   If needed, we will gladly provide our registered documents filed under the laws of the Guatemalan federal government and tax bureau.

Q:  Why should I care about animals when there are so many poor people in Guatemala?

We have nothing but respect and love for the people of Guatemala.  And we especially respect the culture of the indigenous Maya, of which the vast majority live below the lowest poverty indexes on the planet.  We are not un-sympathetic, nor unaware, nor uncaring about conditions and circumstances with which we have physical contact everyday of our lives.    Yet, we are fortunate that there are many nonprofit, religious, visiting volunteer groups, and government efforts in our area and throughout Guatemala which provide health care, food, clothing, housing assistance, education, and other social and community services to people in need.   As we encounter people asking for help (and we often do) we refer them to appropriate organizations or visiting groups of professionals.  However, Ayuda  focuses its energy, resources and efforts on the growing population of homeless animals.  Because otherwise, if no one else makes the commitment, then abandoned, homeless, and family animals are all at risk of being murdered by poison or other inhumane methods.  Plus, there would be even higher risks of health hazards to both humans and animals.  In addition, defenseless animals might continue to be abused and mis-treated.  Imagine, the population of starving, sick, and homeless animals would grow exponentially across the streets of our communities.  Animal lovers worldwide understand the love and benefits a pet can bring to a child, family, or adult.   We believe that by specializing on the needs of the truly lowest class citizens of our communities (the animals), we will be able to raise enough interest and support to make a positive difference in the lives of every person and animal who lives here.

Q:  Is Ayuda some kind of animal adoption service?

A:  We know many homeless dogs and cats who would love to have a home with caring humans.  We have had a great success rate at finding homes within Guatemala after administering basic health care and preventative treatments.

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