Our Mission, Strategies & Policies

Ayuda’s work stems from a shared vision of a day when all dogs and cats in Guatemala are healthy and living in compassionate homes.

Our mission is to humanely reduce the overpopulation of domestic animals in our territory by providing donation-based sterilization packages to those living in low-income homes and free packages to those who have been abandoned.


Ayuda coordinates total care solutions for dogs and cats through our daily hands-on work and builds strong, sustainable partnerships with community leaders and our patrons.

  • Through formal agreements with village leadership, provide regularly scheduled sterilization clinics and other support for their animal issues.
  • Through our Internship Program, tend to the well-being of homeless dogs and cats as well as those living with impoverished families.
  • Through humane education, raise compassion and community awareness of public health issues for both animals and people.
  • Through media and community contact, enable and encourage responsible adoptions and foster homes, especially with permanent residents of Guatemala.
  • Through the constant practice of standardized methods and procedures, consistently disburse high-quality services and role model influence.
  • Regardless of amount, seek local donations or services as acknowledgments of problem ownership by all members of the community.


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