Ellen Finn, San Pedro La Laguna
I have worked with Ayuda organization for many years here in Guatemala.   I can’t say enough good things about all that this organization does, and has done with the scores of animals that i have personally rescued. The quality of her work and her team is exceptional~  Selaine is an extremely caring director and has been able to help me on all sorts of levels such as giving advice on caring for rescued dogs to providing medical treatment and sterilization of the dogs i bring in.   She is also actively working on community education and prevention of the mass poisonings of street dogs and family pets.
I would be lost without her.   Rescuing dogs can be an overwhelming effort both physically and emotionally and having Selaine and her wonderful crew helps me succeed in spite of so many odds here.
Milagro in this picture, was rescued over a month ago.   It took me 5 trips to the coffee fields outside of town to finally rescue her.   Thanks to advice and support of Ayuda, she is now healthy, vaccinated, sterilized and expected to move this Thursday to her forever home.




I have been an admirer and (very minor) helper of Ayuda Perros y Gatos in Panajachel and a friend of Selaine and Harold for almost 8 years. I am impressed with their dedication to the project and the tender care they give to the animals that come their way. Their selfless efforts have certainly positively affected the lives of many unfortunate animals and those who adopted them. I have been lucky enough to foster several dogs for the organization and hope to be able to do so in the future.

Without this organization it is safe to say we would be seeing many more abandoned and
suffering animals here in Panajachel and around the lake. I know they have inspired many others to care for and help the unfortunate and hungry animals that are so sadly
overpopulating our area.

Bruce Morris
La Palapa
Erel Hospitality SA


To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I own and run a small eco hotel on the lake where Ayuda does most of it’s work.  We have been here for 6 years, and have been so impressed not only with the mission of this group, but the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers involved.  When we first moved here we got a dog, and then met Selaine – she was such a help explaining about the issues being faced by the dog and cat population and after we met Dr. Isael – who to this day is still our vet – we were sure we wanted to support this organization.

We have a staff of 13 local people and when we first moved here their mentality was like that of most people at the lake.  Your dog was left outside to fend for itself and used for security only.  Our staff have watched us with our three dogs, and see how much we love them, and how much joy we get from them and all have changed their views on dogs.  In fact 3 separate staff members have adopted puppies through Ayuda!  They are very proud of their pups and now understand the importance of spaying/neutering and vaccinating their beloved furry family members.  This started with our small group of staff who have brought these same values home to their family and neighbours – and through that we can see a huge change happening community wide.

Ayuda does such a great job of including the communities as part of the solution and of making the connection between dog/cat health and the overall health of a community.  Its because of this that they are such a great success.

We are so thankful for all the time and energy Ayuda spends each year through this program.  We can see a significant drop in the number of street/homeless animals in such a short time frame.  It’s is wonderful to be here and able to see the progress and to be able to see the community we live in have a greater understanding of how wonderful pets can be and the importance of keeping them healthy!

Thank you to Selaine and Ayuda for all that you do for our community we are so happy to have you here, and love supporting your organization the best way we can.




Steve & Katharine Kmack


La Fortuna at Atitlan Boutique Eco Hotel


Ayuda has had a tremendous impact on the animals in our villages here on Lake Atitlan. The number of poor female street dogs has diminished markedly. They have made it possible for everyone to get care for their animals. I personally have been helped by Ayuda many times and they have even sent people to my home when we had emergencies with an animal. Thank you, Ayuda!  ~ Cherie Herrera, Jaibalito


I have been coming to Panajachel, Guatemala for 15 years and living here for the past 4 years. Much has changed.

Many years ago when walking in less populated areas, you needed some rocks or a big stick to protect yourself from hungry and/or wild dog packs. And often you would see dogs starving and abused. And of course, with these problems left unchecked, the population grew and grew.

Since Selaine and her husband Harold have been working and organizing people to feed, neuter and care for these animals, the change is astounding and obvious.

The population has slowed in growth, many animals have been placed in caring homes, the dogs in the street are being tended to if they are sick, and animals are being given food to keep them from starving.

Selaine and Harold know all the dogs in the street and give them care, love and food when they need it. They have been working tirelessly and this is a better place for us all to live because of them.

They deserve support and aide for their work.


Kathryn Laurain


My husband and I have lived here for over five years now and we can see a big difference Selaine and Ayuda have made in so many animals lives but also in our community. Getting the animals spayed and neutered has made a big difference in the number of street dogs. It takes a lot of time and hard work to have made this change. Selaine is doing what we all inspire to do in life, leaving it a little better for her being here, that she has done and continues to do daily. How lucky we are to have Selaine in our community! Thank you so much for all your hard work, beautiful Lady! You have made and continue to make a big difference. Big hug, Nancy & Rusty


~Nancy Durham Holzheimer, Panajachel