If you have ever held a puppy or kitten dying from a preventable disease, you understand the importance of vaccinations.

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, Ayuda’s normal supply line of donated products has dramatically declined over the last year.  Cash donations from tourists visiting Lake Atitlan have also dramatically dropped which affects our ability to purchase supplies in Guatemala.

This coincides with a rise in need for low-cost, donation-based services due to job loss or reduction in hours for many local families.  Ayuda is scrambling to help as many newly abandoned animals as possible.  Some families have felt so overwhelmed by income loss that they have resorted to turning out their dogs to forge for food. We are doing our best to keep up with demand and to help families keep their pets.

We Need Your Help.

We must raise $2,500 to purchase combo vaccinations for dogs and cats. Our supply will be out by the end of June.  The next batch of donated vaccines is due to arrive in September. 

$2,500 will buy approximately 300 dog combos (Distemper, Parvovirus, Adeno, Leptospirosis, Corona, Pan Influenza) and 200 cat combos (Rhino, Calci, Panleukopenia, FeLV) .  This will ensure the health and safety of those treated during our spay/neuter clinics as well as boosters for dogs and cats who are already part of the Ayuda family.

Ayuda Para La Salud de Perros y Gatos has offered donation-based spay/neuter packages in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala since 2009.  The standard package includes surgery, vaccinations, and parasite treatments — internal and external. Anyone who brings in a pet is asked to donate what they can afford towards their pet’s package of services. No one is turned away if they are unable to donate.

Since inception, Ayuda has provided more than 8,000 packages to dogs and cats living with impoverished families as well as for those who roam the streets. This year we are on track to complete 2500 sterilization packages. This represents a 252% increase over last year!

Domestic animal health care is not high in the list of priorities for many of our neighbors.   Prior to the pandemic the UN reported that 53% of those living in Guatemala live survive beneath the international poverty line. No one is sure what that percentage is today after a year of hardship.

It is not a lack of love or compassion. It is a lack of affordable resources.

Please help us keep our domestic animals healthy members of their families and our communities!

CLICK HERE to make your donation today!

(Please note:  spay/neuter surgeries are not in jeopardy.  These are covered through restricted donations which do not cover vaccines and other medications).

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