AYUDA Cats and Dogs of Lake Atitlan
AYUDA Cats and Dogs of Lake Atitlan

Each donation of $40usd provides for the following treatments:

  • Sterilization Surgery
  • Vaccinations to prevent:
    • Distemper,
    • Hepatitis,
    • Leptospirosis,
    • Parvo,
    • Rabies, and
    • other deadly diseases
  • Treatments to cure and prevent external parasites such as:
    • fleas,
    • lice, and
    • ticks
  • Treatments to cure and prevent internal parasites such as:
    • Hook Worms,
    • Round Worms,
    • Whip Worms, and
    • other types of internal parasites
  • Follow-up care
  • Nutritional food supplements as needed

Ayuda is a 100% volunteer administered charity.

Ayuda is a formally registered Guatemalan non-profit organization.  Click here to see a copy of our declaration from the Guatemalan government.

If you would like to send a USD donation using PayPal, then please select the Contribute button.


To send a Euro donation using PayPal please click here.

If you would like to contribute by check, then please note that our local banking arrangements will only allow us to deposit checks which are in USDollars or GTQuetzales.  Our postal address is:

Selaine d’Ambrosi
Calle Residenciales Lotes A11/12
Residenciales Panajachel
Panajachel Zona1, Solola, Guatemala

If you would like to contribute in some other way, then please email Selaine by clicking here and we will be very pleased to discuss a donation arrangement to your convenience.

If you are planning a trip to Guatemala and would like to contribute by packing a few extra needed items in your suitcase, then please go to the Visiting? page by clicking here.

Dog on Roof
“Thank you for helping me live a better life.”

8 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. I was in Xela last summer and still think about the poor street dogs I saw there. Every day I would go buy some food just to give to the starving dogs. I also saw local shop owners beating some of the street dogs for trying to find food in and around their shops. It was heart-wrenching. I am going to contribute and hope to be able to collect supplies from local vet offices for your efforts. This is a wonderful thing you are doing!

  2. I just spent 10 days in Panajachel with Mission Guatemala and my heart was so heavy to see the dogs there. I was so excited when I spotted your brochure during lunch at El Jaibalito. I give you my donation with many good wishes and thanks for taking on this daunting task. God Bless you!
    Victoria Thompson
    Fishers, IN

  3. I hope everyone that visits this website will donate. The stray dog problem here is in every town around Lake Atitlan. I find it amazing that some of these starving stray dogs still calmly sit back watching all the people pass by caring fresh food. It is like it is ingrained in them to starve and be okay with it. I believe these dogs are very deserving of any kindness we can give them. As an observer of the dogs in this area, I kindly ask you to donate.

  4. I would like to send a donation. I work in a credit union that has a number of animal lovers. My family and I just returned from a trip to Guatemala and my heart nearly broke at the conditions of the animals, especially the dogs. I saw a dog when we hiked the volcano at Panahashel that haunts me every day. I want to help. Please let me know where to send donations. Thank you for your work.

    1. Hi Deborah.

      Thank you so much for your compassion and interest in our program.

      Your comment sparked us to update this Donations page. By now you and I have already been in touch privately. But I just wanted to say thank you again. Not only for your contribution. But also for inspiring what we hope is a much improved Donations page for all others interested in supporting our work.

      Best Wishes,

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