Our COVID19 Actions and Other News

The last two months have been a tough time on everyone as we adjusted our daily living patterns to deal with the COVID19 pandemic. In March, I believed that all would blow over quickly and Ayuda would only miss holding a few of our weekly sterilization clinics.

Well, that didn’t happen!

Instead our interns Mely and Oscar were called home by the University San Carlos at the end of March with no return date set. In addition, federal and local regulations were put in place for those of us over 60, like Harold and me. What has this meant for Ayuda?

The downside has been no weekly clinics; no house calls; very limited work with animals from Santa Cruz La Laguna, Tzununa, San Andres Semetabaj, Godinez, and San Juan La Laguna; and a slow down in Ayuda’s humane education programs.

The Good News is that Dr. Isael Estrada has remained Ayuda’s strongest ally. He is working with Ayuda to provide as many sterilization packages as possible in his office in Panajachel. Since the middle of March 45 dogs and 15 cats have received the Ayuda package.  Thank you, Dr. Isael for your hard work and devotion.

The panademic has also strengthened relationships between several Ayuda volunteers and supporters as they are younger and have access to more places than us older folks. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to Ayuda and me to have such a great team working on behalf of the dogs and cats.

HUGE THANK YOUs to:  Danhy and Candy M.;  Alyssa M.;  Piper J;  Joselino and Curtis S.; Lari, Mel, and Guadelupe R.; Gema D.; and, Rob C.  These locals have been capturing as many roaming Panajachel dogs as they can get their hands on.  It’s the perfect time to push hard to get as many Pana dogs and cats done as possible since there are less people on the streets and beaches.  These caring people along with other Ayuda volunteers are providing or arranging foster care and coordinating adoptions. 

This push has also led to a record number of local adoptions.  Why? It’s also the perfect time to bond and train a puppy or kitten!  Here are some of the lucky pups who have found their Best Friends Forever:

94393225_256079342105978_9003527895221534720_n94689025_2607792866208297_6940302730950868992_n95733825_229603828468055_2587007704601985024_n90147037_10217996336194208_7290784685213351936_n90765057_842280992937646_7602730444844433408_n90791569_243214800412023_8442349375291654144_n.190791569_243214800412023_8442349375291654144_n.290831788_141129980659317_2051397490057412608_n.190849245_565779617478413_7626356789356789760_nBetsypup1Betsypup2Betsypup3Betsypup4Betsypup595749779_233567611252900_2942234764502892544_nCopy of 95908484_233654214615109_7427205009881694208_n

As soon as the travel bans and restrictions on group gatherings are lifted, the Ayuda weekly clinics will resume.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy or kitten please check our Facebook page:  Aydua Para La Salud de Perros y Gatos .  Adoption photos are regularly posted along with our daily activities and humane education posts.

Can you help support our life-saving work?

Please make your donation today by clicking HERE.

The dogs and cats Thank YOU for your compassion!


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