Back in Action Around the Lake!

Ready for an update?    There’s lots of great news!

It’s been a difficult time to reach the animals with restrictions on travel and large gatherings so Ayuda needed to adjust how we provide our services. It took some time to sort out the changes but we’ve managed to stay available to help as many animals as possible in the interim.

In June Dra. Kimberly Armira came back to Pana to fill in for the interns that were pulled back by the university in March due to COVID19 restrictions.  It became obvious to Ayuda prinicpals as well as to Dr. Isael that help was needed to schedule and treat the many animals in need. Since her return, and with the help of several new and very valued volunteers, the sterilizations done in Pana at Isael’s office are running par with the average monthly Pana clinic.  

For example during the month of July, 51 sterilization packages were provided to dogs and cats from Panajachel. Many of the dogs were roaming community animals plucked off the streets by Ayuda volunteers and returned to where they were found. Why? Because most of them have owners. Since there is no licensing or leash law, dogs are commonly allowed to free roam. Those who are intact (not sterilized) join in the heat packs causing chaos in the streets and scaring people.  Our agreement with all the municipalities in which we work outlines our CTRM program. All the mayors have agreed to allow Ayuda volunteers to do this to reduce the overpopulation and spread of diseases.

Shifting away from the typical one-day-a-month, high-volume clinic for Panajachel has been so successful and less stressful for the animals as well as humans that we have decided to continue this method.  It also gives us better control over who is receiving services.  Appointments are arranged by calling or texting the Ayuda intern number 5570 0566 or through private messages on the Ayuda Facebook page.

The beginning of August brought us two new interns from the University San Carlos. Veronica Leal and Sofia Soto are working under Dra. Kim who is staying on with Ayuda through the end of November. Sofia and Veronica will be with Ayuda through the end of January 2021.

Veronica and Sofia work on the streets, make house calls for consults, and attend to animals  in the Ayuda offices in Pana, San Andres, and Santa Cruz. They attend and assist during all of Ayuda’s once a month clinics in San Andres, Godinez, Santa Cruz, and Tzununa and coordinate activities in Dr. Isael’s offices in Pana and Solola.

In addition to their veterinary duties, Sofia and Veronica will also provide humane education presentations on local radio and television stations.  If you are interested in tuning in, please watch for the schedule on our Facebook page.

Welcome back Kim! Welcome to the team, Sofia and Veronica!


Dra. Kim Armira


Sofia Soto


Veronica Leal

Clinic News:

We are all happy to be able to once again provide monthly sterilization clinics in San Andres Semetabaj, Godinez, Santa Cruz La Laguna, and Tzununa.  

The first two clinics held in August were kept small to ensure the safety of those bringing in animals as well as for our team.  We now feel comfortable in scheduling up to 30 animals (15 morning, 15 afternoon) for surgery at any of locations listed above.  

The clinic held on 27 August in Santa Cruz had such a great turnout that the municipal coordinator requested a follow up clinic to be held on 10 September. There are already 12 animals on the list for that day!

The agreed upon schedule for these villages for the remainder of 2020 is:Calendario.MASTER.2020REVISED

Please call or text 5570 0566 to make a clinic reservation or for more information.  Additional dates may be added to this schedule or postponed as travel restrictions changed.
Once the team is able to travel by boat to San Juan La Laguna, sterilization clinics will take place on the second Thursday of each month.  
San Andres Semetabaj & Godinez  —  6 August & 20 August

Santa Cruz La Laguna —  26 August

In Adoption News:

Everyone associated with Ayuda is hard at work to rehome as many dogs and cats as possible.  Between May and the end of August 3 kittens and 24 pups were adopted through our program.  Below are the pups who are ready to find their best friends forever. All have been sterilized, partially or fully vaccinated, and parasite treated. 



If you are interested in adopting a puppy or kitten please check our Facebook page:  Aydua Para La Salud de Perros y Gatos .  Adoption photos are regularly posted along with our daily activities and humane education posts.

Can you help support our life-saving work? Every donation helps them.

Please make your donation today by clicking HERE.

The dogs and cats Thank YOU for your compassion!

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