We’re BUSY helping dogs and cats!

Despite an unfounded rumor that Ayuda was no longer in operation, we’ve been very busy! The transition between former and new municipal administrations in two of the villages in which we work resulted in the cancellation of two clinics and a short day for a third clinic. However, these issues have been resolved and we don’t expect anymore delays in services for the remainder of 2020.

As of today (10 March) Ayuda partnership agreements have been signed in Panajachel, San Andres Semetabaj, and Santa Cruz La Laguna.  We expect to have a signed agreement with the new administration in San Juan La Laguna any day now.  Watch for a notice regarding the launch of services in San Juan. Coming soon!

The current monthly schedule:

1st Thurday = Panajachel;  2nd Thursday = San Andres Semetabaj or Godinez (alternating months);  3rd Thursday = OPEN;  4th Thursday = Santa Cruz La Laguna or Tzununa (alternating months)

Please remember to call or text 5570 0566 OR send a private message to the Ayuda Facebook page to make a reservation. 

Take a look at the action during our last 3 sterilization clinics:







Always happy to have employees from Centro de Salud join us to provide free rabies vaccinations to all the surgery patients.


Emergency Services

Since the beginning of this year Ayuda has struggled to meet the demand for emergency services which include surgical repairs of broken legs or dislocated hips, chemotherapy treatments for CTVT, hospitalizations for contagious illnesses and other issues as well as several euthanasias with burial.

Ayuda relies on private donations from individual donors to cover the costs for these procedures. If you can help, please do!

“Ladybug” lives on a farm in Santiago Atitlan. She is suffering from a severe case of CTVT; however, she is responding well to her chemo treatments. Her tumor shrank and by more than 50% and stopped bleeding after her first treatment. Once the CTVT is cured, she will be sterilized to avoid possible reinfection.


Ladybug’s tumor prior to her first treatment

When “Tyson” arrived at the clinic in Godinez, his belly looked like it was going to pop open at any minute.  His abdomen was full of fluid and he was in a great deal of pain.  “Tyson” was suffering with acute Aflotoxicosis, a horrible disease caused by strains of two types of mold that affect corn, peanuts, soybeans, and other types of cereal grains. It can occur in the field or in storage when the moisture and temperature are right for it to grow.  Dogs who live on a diet of corn tortillas are highly susceptible.

“Tyson” was put on medication immediately to see if he would respond without surgical intervention. He did and is now completely recovered! His family now understands the importance of a proper diet for him which means No More Tortillas!


Humane Education

Oscar Monzon, a current Ayuda veterinary intern gave a 2 radio presentations since joining our team at the beginning of February.  He spoke about the importance of sterilization with a focus on male dogs and cats, the critical need to vaccinate, and general nutrition.  He is scheduled to present another program this week and plans to discuss aspects of the Guatemalan federal animal welfare law related to domestic animals.  Tune into Radio Solola on Wednesday 11 March to listen and participate by calling the station with questions while Oscar is on the air!

Adoption and Foster Care

The team has been equally busy with the coordination of foster homes and adoptions.  Those who follow Ayuda on a regular basis will remember mother dog, Betsy and her 6 pups and mother dog, Canchita and her 8 pups. Both families are in foster care with one of our most trusted volunteers, Hyungjoon.

Betsy and her pups will attend our sterilization clinic in San Andres Semetabaj later this week for their surgery packages. All 6 pups will head to their new permanent homes over the weekend and lucky Betsy is staying with Hyung.

Canchita’s pups are still too young for sterilization this week. They will be done in about 2 weeks along with their mother. Canchita is welcome to return to her territory near the Santiago dock to be cared for by a woman who works at the pavilion. She’s the lady who was caring for the family before Ayuda volunteers picked them up to provide them with a safer home while Canchita was nursing the newborns.  Two of the pups have permanent homes lined up for them once they have had their surgeries and have started their puppy vaccination series.

“Cumbre” met her new humans, Nikki and Tom when they were vacationing at Lake Atitlan. She ran with them in the morning on several occasions and tagged along when they took a long hike up into the mountains.  It was undeniable love!

When they returned home to New York City and really thought about it, they decided they had to adopt her. Nikki contacted Selaine for help to get her from GT to NYC.

While Ayuda does not support sending dogs out of Guatemala into foreign foster homes or no-kill shelters, when a visitor has met and spent time with one of our street dogs and wants to add the dog to their family, we are more than happy to help them with the arrangements.

unnamed (1)

We are currently seeking foster or permanent homes for a litter of 7 pups and a cruelly abandoned young female.


Until next time, please keep your beloved pets safe, well-fed, vaccinated, exercised, and most certainly sterilized! 

To help keep the surgery tables rolling and to enable us to reach more animals in need of veterinary assistance, please make your donation today by clicking HERE.


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