I have been coming to Panajachel, Guatemala for 15 years and living here for the past 4 years. Much has changed.

Many years ago when walking in less populated areas, you needed some rocks or a big stick to protect yourself from hungry and/or wild dog packs. And often you would see dogs starving and abused. And of course, with these problems left unchecked, the population grew and grew.

Since Selaine and her husband Harold have been working and organizing people to feed, neuter and care for these animals, the change is astounding and obvious.

The population has slowed in growth, many animals have been placed in caring homes, the dogs in the street are being tended to if they are sick, and animals are being given food to keep them from starving.

Selaine and Harold know all the dogs in the street and give them care, love and food when they need it. They have been working tirelessly and this is a better place for us all to live because of them.

They deserve support and aide for their work.


Kathryn Laurain