Ellen Finn, San Pedro La Laguna
I have worked with Ayuda organization for many years here in Guatemala.   I can’t say enough good things about all that this organization does, and has done with the scores of animals that i have personally rescued. The quality of her work and her team is exceptional~  Selaine is an extremely caring director and has been able to help me on all sorts of levels such as giving advice on caring for rescued dogs to providing medical treatment and sterilization of the dogs i bring in.   She is also actively working on community education and prevention of the mass poisonings of street dogs and family pets.
I would be lost without her.   Rescuing dogs can be an overwhelming effort both physically and emotionally and having Selaine and her wonderful crew helps me succeed in spite of so many odds here.
Milagro in this picture, was rescued over a month ago.   It took me 5 trips to the coffee fields outside of town to finally rescue her.   Thanks to advice and support of Ayuda, she is now healthy, vaccinated, sterilized and expected to move this Thursday to her forever home.