An Important Piece of Work

Larissa is a junior high student here in Panajachel.  She is also an animal lover who cares about the well being of the many street dogs and cats in her community. For her entry into an international science fair, Larissa has published a very impressive study that she conducted over the last weeks. The idea… Continue reading An Important Piece of Work

Fixing Bobi

Poor Bobi has had a busy week of people meddling with him. Bobi is one of many homeless dogs who live along the beach in the Jucanya section of Panajachel.   There are several family owned small restaurants in the area.  Some of them care about the roaming dogs in their neighborhood and watch out for… Continue reading Fixing Bobi

San Marcos Clinic

Andrea is a vet student who is often found volunteering her time with Dr. Miguel in Panajachel.  She has also been working with the nonprofit group World Vision in their location at the Lake Atitlan village of San Juan. This past week Ayuda sponsored a special clinic which Andrea organized in the lakeside village of… Continue reading San Marcos Clinic

Dr Jim and His Team Help Santa Catarina

Ayuda was greatly honored this week by a visiting volunteer team of medical specialists from the US.   In support of their visit, Ayuda facilitated a special clinic in the impoverished village of Santa Catarina on Lake Atitlan.  This was our second clinic in this village during 2009. Dr. Jim and his assistants Cindy and Teryn… Continue reading Dr Jim and His Team Help Santa Catarina

Seasonal Changes

As this month of September winds down we celebrate a milestone of accomplishment. We are declaring the Las Cavernas area to be in a state of stabilization. All females in the area have either been sterilized or are secure and scheduled for very close dates. All homeless males in the area have been sterilized, and… Continue reading Seasonal Changes