World Vets Here Soon!

A Grim Reminder

One of our most cherished street dogs, Biscuit was diagnosed with CTVT in his nasal passages. This is the first nasal case that Ayuda has encountered and the first that key volunteers have seen in their 4 years in Panajachel. The tumors have caused fluid build up in his lungs as well. Poor boy sneezes… Continue reading A Grim Reminder

Lucho the Chucho Goes Home

Little Lucho was found crying and wandering the streets alone at the beginning of Panajachel's annual fair. It's a big time in town with lots of activities, extra people and loud fireworks. Poor little guy was terrified! A local restaurant owner and Ayuda volunteer took pity on him and provided Lucho with a foster home… Continue reading Lucho the Chucho Goes Home

Fairy Tale Ending

One of the more interesting things about the Guatemalan chucho (mutt) is that they so clearly choose the people in their lives.  Chuchos have a way of causing love at first sight with a magical look into the eyes of unsuspecting humans.   It is not uncommon for a single individual to be drawn from a… Continue reading Fairy Tale Ending


¡Hola!  We just wanted to let you know that Ayuda! Para la Salud de Perros y Gatos has been hard at work vaccinating and re-vaccinating our local dogs and cats in support and celebration of World Rabies Day. For the full month of September and into October, volunteers will vaccinate door-to-door and on the streets… Continue reading HELP SAVE LIVES AND CELEBRATE WORLD RABIES DAY!