Record Breakers!

Ayuda is very pleased to announce the results of a series of record breaking clinics this past week. 173 animals received medical treatments through the collaboration of our latest visit by a team of World Vets veterinarians and vet techs, and the tireless work of volunteers from Santa Cruz, Jaibalito, San Marcos Laguna, San Pedro,… Continue reading Record Breakers!

A Grim Reminder

One of our most cherished street dogs, Biscuit was diagnosed with CTVT in his nasal passages. This is the first nasal case that Ayuda has encountered and the first that key volunteers have seen in their 4 years in Panajachel. The tumors have caused fluid build up in his lungs as well. Poor boy sneezes… Continue reading A Grim Reminder

A Tribute to 2 Community Dogs

These two characters have roamed Calle Santander  for over four years.  They are among the favorites that frequent local business, especially restaurants in search of a hand-out and some pets. Most mornings, Blanca can be found at El Patio in the company of Jim and friends.  If she's not there, check the top of Santander… Continue reading A Tribute to 2 Community Dogs

“Cat” and kittens

Two out of three little orphans found scared and hungry near their mother's lifeless body are now safe in loving new homes. The neighborhood kids in Jucanya quickly learned that Ayuda volunteers living close by were available to help with dog and cat emergencies.  As they led Julia to these 3 kittens, they told her… Continue reading “Cat” and kittens

Bippy: Now Safe From Aggressive Males

Submitted by: Julia S., 12 May 10 Bippy is a shy, small street dog from the Jucanya side of Panajachel.   There is a small crew of dogs here that look just like her, including my own dog Bali and a recently neutered male named Skippy, that’s how she came to be called Bippy.  I had… Continue reading Bippy: Now Safe From Aggressive Males