Back in Action Around the Lake!

Ready for an update?    There's lots of great news! It's been a difficult time to reach the animals with restrictions on travel and large gatherings so Ayuda needed to adjust how we provide our services. It took some time to sort out the changes but we've managed to stay available to help as many… Continue reading Back in Action Around the Lake!

Diamante Makes the Rounds

Several months ago Diamante was a patient in an Ayuda sterilization clinic.  Shortly after she returned to her home neighborhood she suffered a bad injury from a tuk tuk taxi. After a call to Dr. Isael she was picked up in his ambulance and taken to his office.   Her leg was badly shredded but… Continue reading Diamante Makes the Rounds

Breaking Ground in Jucanya

We are very pleased to announce that today marked the first Ayuda sterilization/vaccination clinic in Jucanya. This clinic came about from a series of recent meetings held by Jucanya community leaders and citizens.   The meetings began over concerns about dogs getting into the neighborhoods' trash pickup areas.  Ayuda was invited to attend these meetings.  We… Continue reading Breaking Ground in Jucanya