Jaibalito Turns Out for Their Dogs and Cats

 Our first-ever clinic in Jaibalito was held this past Sunday. The lovely little village of 700 people is nestled on the western shore of the Lake and solely accessible by boat. Through the diligent work of friends Hans, Nadereh, Carol, Ceasar, Belle and Peggy along with the support of Cocode, Luciano, the team sterilized 24 animals and renewed… Continue reading Jaibalito Turns Out for Their Dogs and Cats

World Vets Here Soon!

A Grim Reminder

One of our most cherished street dogs, Biscuit was diagnosed with CTVT in his nasal passages. This is the first nasal case that Ayuda has encountered and the first that key volunteers have seen in their 4 years in Panajachel. The tumors have caused fluid build up in his lungs as well. Poor boy sneezes… Continue reading A Grim Reminder

Slippery Xenii Now a Mother

Oh, how we tried to catch Xenii! We tried with a trap, we tried tackling, we tried medication, we tried to corner her in a hotel parking lot. She would have none of it! So, naturally Xenii became pregnant and disappeared into the hills. We wondered when and where she would reappear. Would she be… Continue reading Slippery Xenii Now a Mother

Bippy: Now Safe From Aggressive Males

Submitted by: Julia S., 12 May 10 Bippy is a shy, small street dog from the Jucanya side of Panajachel.   There is a small crew of dogs here that look just like her, including my own dog Bali and a recently neutered male named Skippy, that’s how she came to be called Bippy.  I had… Continue reading Bippy: Now Safe From Aggressive Males