A Grim Reminder

One of our most cherished street dogs, Biscuit was diagnosed with CTVT in his nasal passages. This is the first nasal case that Ayuda has encountered and the first that key volunteers have seen in their 4 years in Panajachel. The tumors have caused fluid build up in his lungs as well. Poor boy sneezes… Continue reading A Grim Reminder

An Important Piece of Work

Larissa is a junior high student here in Panajachel.  She is also an animal lover who cares about the well being of the many street dogs and cats in her community. For her entry into an international science fair, Larissa has published a very impressive study that she conducted over the last weeks. The idea… Continue reading An Important Piece of Work

The Heat is On, again

Another period of female dogs in heat is underway. The good news is that the number of reports and sightings of wanton dog packs has steadily lowered in comparison to the past.  But the bad news is that the number of sexually crazed males within a pack has become more concentrated and threatening. One by… Continue reading The Heat is On, again

CTVT: Alive and Spreading

This poor little guy was living on the streets of San Marcos suffering with CTVT, Canine Transferable Venereal Tumors for over a year.  Lucky for him, a local resident named Terry took pity on him and called Ayuda to see if there was anything that could be done. An appointment was made with Dr. Miguel… Continue reading CTVT: Alive and Spreading

Tiny Tina

This little puppy managed to creep through some cracks and walk into Aura's home. No one in her neighborhood knew anything about the little girl so Aura decided to bring the puppy to Ayuda.  We named her Tina.  She is probably about 4 weeks old. Tina was started on worming treatment and taken to Dr.… Continue reading Tiny Tina