Our Daily Rounds

Take a little walk with us as we make our daily rounds..... First stop: 4 puppies with their Mom. An Ayuda volunteer encountered this new litter of pups about a week ago. When we arrived we were told by the family who runs the bakery and second hand shop that they needed to be moved quickly. The… Continue reading Our Daily Rounds

The Pups of Las Cavernas

Las Cavernas is another of Ayuda's daily feeding stations.   In keeping with our standards of safety to the dogs, this area is also a haven for many feral animals. The feeding station gets its name from many cave-like nooks which homeless dogs claim for their own.  Many births have happened in Las Cavernas.  Many homeless… Continue reading The Pups of Las Cavernas

Chico’s Progress

Check out Chico! Thanks to your donations, this little boy is growing up and filling out nicely! After internal and external parasite treatments, daily food with some vitamins and oil supplements along with Ayuda's standard vaccinations, Chico's lookin' happy and confident! If you are not familiar with Chico and would like to see his "Before"… Continue reading Chico’s Progress

San Pedro Lillie

Lillie is a homeless dog who lives in the village of San Pedro, which is situated on the opposite shores from Panajachel on Lake Atitlan.   Like so many roaming street animals in our region, Lillie has human friends who watch over and care about her.   She is only about six of seven months old and… Continue reading San Pedro Lillie

Mamushka’s Big Day

After many long months of battling a life threatening disease, Mamushka has moved onto her new life. Mamushka, the well known Panajachel street dog, has been living and convalescing at the home of Selaine and Harold for the past few months.  During this time she has been undergoing extended treatment and recovery from a large… Continue reading Mamushka’s Big Day