Back in Action Around the Lake!

Ready for an update?    There's lots of great news! It's been a difficult time to reach the animals with restrictions on travel and large gatherings so Ayuda needed to adjust how we provide our services. It took some time to sort out the changes but we've managed to stay available to help as many… Continue reading Back in Action Around the Lake!

2017: Off To A Great Start!

Ayuda soared to new heights in 2016.  Together we surpassed our 2016 goal by more than 25% through 1,149 sterilization packages across 59 spay/neuter clinics. The team is strong and ready to meet our goal for 2017: 1,250 sterilization packages.  Each package includes surgery, a combo vaccination, a flea/tick treatment, and an internal parasite treatment. With renewed agreements in 5… Continue reading 2017: Off To A Great Start!

Dr. Jim Enters New Territory

This week Ayuda was very pleased to have another opportunity to work with one of our favorite US veterinarians: Dr. Jim Bader.   This time the opportunity happened along the Guatemalan Pacific coast. Several months earlier, Jim and his family had visited the Monterico area for a short getaway.  While touring ARCAS, the area’s sea turtle… Continue reading Dr. Jim Enters New Territory