Mootoo is a 3 year old street dog from Panajachel.   Ayuda had received several calls about this dog as the prevailing heat season has continued.   She had been seen many times in the company of large gangs of male dogs. Like many females in her situation, catching Mootoo was not without its challenges.  Her fear… Continue reading Mootoo

Fixing Bobi

Poor Bobi has had a busy week of people meddling with him. Bobi is one of many homeless dogs who live along the beach in the Jucanya section of Panajachel.   There are several family owned small restaurants in the area.  Some of them care about the roaming dogs in their neighborhood and watch out for… Continue reading Fixing Bobi

Santa Catarina is Rolling

This past February saw the beginning of routine weekly care for the animals of Santa Catarina. Santa Catarina is a poor village with approximately 7,000 people.  The residents are primarily impoverished indigenous Mayans.  The village is situated along the northeastern shore of Lake Atitlan and a few miles from Ayuda's headquarters in Panajachel.  There are… Continue reading Santa Catarina is Rolling

Talk With the Animals

A special event took place this past weekend. Our friend Richard from Posada Los Encuentros hosted a talk on animal communications given by professional animal communicator Keek Mensing. Keek  is from the US and on a visit to Guatemala.  She has experienced many extraordinary things through her work.    Keek shared a number of these experiences… Continue reading Talk With the Animals