The Ugly Face of Distemper & Other News

It is always so sad to see puppies and dogs suffer from a preventable disease such as Distemper. It's even more painful when the poor dog is abandoned due to the illness, like this one. First off, why would you buy a purebred dog and then neglect to vaccinate him/her? Then be even more irresponsible… Continue reading The Ugly Face of Distemper & Other News

October News

Sterilization Clinic News: October is always a little bit different for Ayuda activities.  Over the first week, Panajachel celebrates its patron saint, Francsis de Assisi with a village fair which brings in people from all around the Lake.  Carnival rides, games, traditional foods and attractions are centered close to the municipal park, salon, and the… Continue reading October News

August Summary :: Agosto Resumen

The month of August started off with another hugely successful clinic in Panajachel, as reported in the last post. The month continued on to become one of the biggest month's ever in Ayuda clinic history! 171 dogs and cats received Ayuda sterilization packages during the 4 clinics held over the month. This does not count… Continue reading August Summary :: Agosto Resumen