The Ugly Face of Distemper & Other News

It is always so sad to see puppies and dogs suffer from a preventable disease such as Distemper. It’s even more painful when the poor dog is abandoned due to the illness, like this one.

First off, why would you buy a purebred dog and then neglect to vaccinate him/her? Then be even more irresponsible by dumping the pup on the streets to spread the disease to others!  We hope this little guy makes it through and has a decent quality of life on the other end of this dreadful disease.

The following is an information guide given out by Ayuda interns during humane education presentations. Copies are also made available in the Ayuda offices.


Clinic News:

The team always starts the month in Panajachel where the turnout is never a disappointment. We were fortunate to have lots of volunteers on hand who helped with everything from intake, to puppy sitting, to prep, to recovery, and discharge. The crew included: Emily, Bea, Vicky, Rodri, Betty, Karin, Noj, Jonas, Gregorio, Harold, and Vilma from the Centro de Salud office who gave free rabies vaccinations to all the patients. Here’s what the day looked like:

Cat recovery
Rodri is giving discharge instructions; Vilma is filling out rabies certificates; Bea is handling the discharge instruction sheets; Emily and Jonas were keeping their eyes on the recovery area.
Dog Recovery Area
Karin keeping Valentina calm
The Kitty Bed
Prep and Surgery Areas

Who remembers Angela from last months clinic in Tzununa? Well, she’s been in foster care with Emily and is doing great! She was at the Pana clinic for sterilization and is scheduled to go to her new home this week! Such an amazing recovery in only 2 weeks.


The second week of the month we head up the mountain to either San Andres Semetabaj or Godinez. This time we were back in San Andres. Sorry…only a few photos this time.

Azul. She is a known street dog who is being cared for by friends in San Andres.
Muchas Manchas. Also a known street dog who is being cared for by Noj and Jonas. Turns out to be more complicated than expected. She is back in the hospital to repair a dislocated hip. MM also has an old fracture in her rear spine which can’t be fixed; however, she’ll be feeling better and getting around again soon!
So skinny!
This photo is included to show what happens when dogs are chained for long periods of time. Note her broken bottom teeth.

Along with Ayuda’s regularly scheduled sterilization clinics, our volunteers have been busy rescuing puppies which will be up for adoption soon and grabbing female dogs in heat off the streets of Panajachel. This week we hope to nab some of the male dogs who are causing problems due to the in heat females. The majority of these males are well-fed and in decent shape. They have people who are behaving irresponsibly by not keeping their intact (non-castrated)  male dogs at home.

This little beauty was picked up near the dock in Panajachel on Friday.

In-heat Dulce and Coco were also taken in for sterilization this past week. Each of these dogs must spend a week in the hospital or in a secure foster home to allow their hormonal scent to dissipate. If they are released too soon, the male dogs will still mount them which causes HUGE problems for the females.

Adoption News

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat, please contact us. Animals in need of their permanent homes are advertised on the Ayuda Facebook page as soon as they are ready to go!


Humane Education News

Ayuda intern, Stephanie Garcia now appears on channel 6 television once a month and  on Radio Solola 88.7 twice a month.

In last week’s radio show, Stephanie talked about abuse and neglect as well as how to report these problems. Ayuda has received many calls over the last several months from concerned residents who wanted to intervene on behalf of the animals.

Monday 25 November Stephanie will be on television at around 5 pm to discuss this problem in more detail. Tune into to learn how you can help!

When it is a situation with a person’s neighbor, Ayuda volunteers first try talking with the people involved to try to resolve the issue without involving the authorities.

When it is a problem larger than our volunteers are willing to handle the neighbors are given copies of the form needed to request an investigation by the federal agency, Unidad de Bienestar Animales (UBA). These complaints can be made anonymously.

Last Monday Stephanie gave a presentation on basic animal care to a group of Panajachel residents. Thank you to Lily Cana for coordinating and Hotel Porto del Lago for sponsoring this event.

Emergency Services News

One of Panajachel’s most adored dogs had to go back in for a second surgery to remove another skin tumor. Dr. Isael sent off a biopsy to check for carcinoma, an aggressive skin cancer. We all hope this comes back negative!

Sugar lives in Jucanya, a barrio of Panajachel. She is cared for daily by our good friend, Kelly A. and will recover for the next week with Mina O. Thanks, ladies!
Another little guy who was allowed to roam free and was hit by a car. His family can’t afford to pay the full price for his treatment, so Ayuda will subsidize 1/2 of his vet bill. He will no longer be allowed to be out on his own.

There are several other cases which fall under emergency services but the photos are too gruesome to share. Our funds for these emergencies and boarding for the in-heat females are always low because we depend upon private, individual donors to cover these costs.

Your donations make this work possible.

Please make yours today by clicking HERE.



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