October News

Sterilization Clinic News:

October is always a little bit different for Ayuda activities.  Over the first week, Panajachel celebrates its patron saint, Francsis de Assisi with a village fair which brings in people from all around the Lake.  Carnival rides, games, traditional foods and attractions are centered close to the municipal park, salon, and the Catholic church. It’s a fun time for Pana residents, however, not a good time to hold a sterilization clinic. The team will be back in action in Panajachel the first week of November.

Ayuda volunteers didn’t remain idle even though there were no official clinics during weeks 1 and 3.  Focus was placed on roaming community dogs and cats. CTRM (Catch, Treat, Release, Maintain) is the acronym Ayuda developed to describe services provided for the roamers.

Over the month a total of 24 animals were plucked from the streets of Panajachel to receive their sterilization package. Of those 24, only 3 of them were actually returned to the street where they will be maintained by locals. The rest have found new homes or are puppies currently in foster homes and up for adoption (see photos below). Here’s one example:

Thank you, Lori L. for taking such good care of Mom and her litter!

Week two of October it was back to San Andres Semetabaj where the team was met with another terrific turnout which included several specialty surgery cases.  Three females required lateral incision surgeries. Two because they were still nursing their 8-week-old puppies (who were also sterilized) and one because she was old and her mammary tissue was dense from nursing many litters over the years.

Thank you Yess, Alma, Lili, Javier, Angel, Eric, and Yadira for helping out in intake and recovery.

EPS Stephanie watches as Dr. Isael performs the first of three lateral surgeries.
No. 2 lateral.
No. 3 lateral.


Week four the team traveled over to Tzununa where we had help from another great group of local volunteers:  Marianne, Kate, Holly, Maniamar, and Michael.

Angela brought herself to the clinic. She is the one referred to in the video above. Poor girl was in very bad shape.
Angela’s neck wound from being tied to tight.
Angela, now in foster care with Emily. Safe and healing. Once she is stronger, she will receive her surgery package and be re-homed.

Humane Education News:

Stephanie Garcia, the Ayuda intern from the University San Carlos gave two television presentations and two radio programs to address some of the serious medical conditions which affect dogs and cats, such as Canine Transferable Venereal Tumors and Feline Infectious Anemia.

These programs will continue twice monthly through the remainder of 2019.


School and general public presentations also took place this month. If you know of a school or a civic group which would benefit from a humane education program or presentation, please let us know.

Ready for Adoption:

Alyssa and Clementine
5 of the 7 in this litter are available. 2 have been adopted!

Big thanks to all those who help financially support Ayuda’s mission and to those who volunteer their time to provide foster homes and help during the clinics!

If you can help us with a donation today, please click here








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