It’s summertime! For the last several weeks the team has greeted a flurry of volunteers from different countries and varied backgrounds. It’s always fun to meet new animal lovers, share stories of humane actions around the world, as well as to have the extra hands during our busy sterilization clinics.

We’ve seen visitors from Germany, England, Bolivia, Colombia, Canada, the US, and other parts of Guatemala. Thank you all so very much for taking time to help us and see our program up close and sometimes a bit too personal, like one sweet guest who was peed upon by a recovering kitty!

Once again the monthly clinic in Pana surpassed our capacity for one day. We’re always grateful that Dr. Isael is willing to provide Ayuda services on Saturdays when we have too many to do on Thursday.  This was the case again this month in Pana.

Big thank yous go out to Leila, Isa, Rodri, Betty, Vicki, Iva, Bea, Harold, Gregorio, Linda H., Heather, and two visitors from Florida, and two vet students from the University San Carlos, Sephanie and Margartia for lending their hands. Also thank you to Diego from Centro de Salud, Panajachel for providing rabies vaccinations and to our wonderful partners from the Municipality.

Remember when we first got started almost 10 years ago? We had to plead to get 20 animals to arrive in Pana. Locals know the way to humanely reduce unwanted dogs and cats is through sterilization not through bi-annual culls with strychnine or cyanide or pesticides, like the one recently used in the mass cull in San Pedro La Laguna.

Here’s a peek at the action on Thursday 4 July:

Post-op kitty, awake and not terribly happy.

Thank you, Iva for the live broadcast!

The following Thursday we were back in San Andres Semetabaj. Local volunteers/municipal employees Yess and Ruth were on hand to help as well as Linda H. and Heather. The pace was relaxed as services were provided to 28 patients. Whew. It’s nice to have a lighter day every now and then.

Dr. Isael, Luis, and Dra. Sheily
Paco, Gorda, and Zoom
Gordo had a lot to say!
One more of Maya
Headed home!

We continue to receive and respond to emergency service calls and requests for foster homes for abandoned puppies and kittens on a daily basis.  More happy adoption stories coming soon!

Please help when you can. Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, Donate, Advocate! We can’t do it alone.

To donate, please click HERE.

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