Meet “Licorice”

On a routine drive from their home into Panajachel, volunteers encountered an obviously abandoned puppy. They knew if she wasn’t helped immediately, she would die due to her condition. The decision was made to pick her up, contact Ayuda for help, and to foster her in their home until a permanent home was found. With her mostly black coat, they named her “Regaliz” which means licorice in Spanish.

After a good meal and a flea bath, “Regaliz” was ready for her trip into Panajachel to begin treatments for her many medical issues. First up was a combo vaccine, de-wormer, and a bit of medication for her mange. All seemed to be going well until a few nights later.

At 10 pm “Regaliz” began to lose her balance. Within minutes she lost the use of her back legs. Her foster “dad” stayed up to comfort her for most of the night. As the both were falling to sleep, he worried that “Regaliz” wouldn’t survive the night. But, she did!

By 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning “Regaliz” was on her way to Ayuda headquarters and Dr. Pablo, a former Ayuda intern was on his way to help.

Turns out “Regaliz” was terribly constipated after ingesting sticks, string, and her own fur along with being very dehydrated. Shortly after a good enema and 1/2 a bottle of Dextrose, she was walking almost normally. She was able to eat a bit of soft food and even began wagging her little tail.

A skin scrape was done to confirm which type of mange was present and packets of vitamins were sent home for her.

“Regaliz” will be in foster care for the next several weeks to ensure that she is in the best possible health and sterilized prior to adoption. “Regaliz” continues to gain strength and improve every day!

While waiting for Dr. Pablo, Selaine removed as much of her flaky skin as possible
She was so weak.
The patio umbrella made a good IV stand
“Regalize” upon arrival















Your donations help us help pups like “Regaliz”. Thank you!

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