Intern and Student Programs

Did you know that Ayuda offers experiential learning opportunities to local teenagers as well as our interns from the University San Carlos?

Celine B. gives her first vaccine during an Ayuda clinic in Panajachel.

After years of experimenting with different types of humane outreach it became clear that Ayuda’s education and awareness programs have the most impact on those ages 15 — 30. With this in mind, we have opened our doors to young people, such as Celine who attends high school in Panajachel. She is interested in pursuing a career in veterinary science so getting her hands on is a perfect way for her to see if indeed this is the direction she truly wants to go. So far, so good!

Since our humble beginnings Ayuda has always encouraged young people interested in any type of medical field to volunteer with us. Now we want to encourage the participation of budding photographers, videographers, journalists, writers, and those interested in marketing and advertising. There’s always lots of ways to help and learn.

Some of our youthful volunteers from over the years.

The Ayuda internship program which was initiated through a generous donation from the Darlena Lake estate is now in its 3rd year. (7) final-year veterinary students have successfully completed the program run under the tutelage of Dr. Isael Estrada, Ayuda’s lead veterinarian. Our current intern, Pablo started with Ayuda on 1 Feb 17.

The University San Carlos is a public school located in Guatemala City. Students are required to complete a 6-month internship prior to receiving their diploma. It is the perfect time for them to be exposed to Ayuda’s work. One subject which is not taught in the U is humane education. We get to show them how as professionals they can participate as part of the solution to the domestic animal overpopulation problem.

In addition to greatly increasing our ability to provide basic services, such as vaccines, they also work directly with municipal leaders, health departments, radio and television stations, and provide educational programs in schools as well as to the general public. We are all very proud to have them as part of the Ayuda family!

We are so grateful to have such compassionate, talented interns!

Ayuda interns can be reached Monday — Friday:  4184 9708. They work by appointment. If it is a veterinary emergency outside of regular hours, please call Dr. Estrada:  7762 4823.

Please support our annual operating campaign by making a donation today! 


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