Foundation Brigitte Bardot Awards 2014 Grant to Ayuda

Brigitte Bardot

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Last week we very gratefully received the first portion of our 2014 Award from Foundation Brigitte Bardot.


This Award provides much of the financial support we need to meet our 2014 goal of Ayuda Treatments.  Each Ayuda Treatment is a standardized assortment of health care services, with spay/neuter always at the core.  Our 2014 goal is to provide 500 Ayuda Treatments.  Since January 1st we have completed 215.  We are optimistic that our goal of 500 will be notably surpassed by end of 2014.

Through steady increases in our rate of clinics, as well as increases in our territorial coverage, between now and the end of the financial year (March 31, 2015), Ayuda needs to raise an additional $12,000 in order to sustain the growing demands for services.

We are actively seeking these funds by applying for grants from benevolent giving organizations, through local donations as our services are provided, and through private donations from people like you.

Please visit our Donations Page to see what Ayuda does with each donation of $35usd. We gratefully appreciate all support of our work for the health of dogs and cats in Guatemala!

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