Howlin’ Halloween Success!

Friends from several villages around Lake Atitlan gathered on Halloween night to celebrate Ayuda’s successes and to support our continued work. The association cleared over $1000 in cash along with a goodly amount of needed veterinarian supplies.

Howlin Halloween Slideshow

A special thank you goes out to  Brian Howe for making a personal appearance. He also brought the huge bag of supplies donated by Lynn Skipper Holladay, DVM, All Creatures Animal Hospital, Bonita Springs, Florida.

While out on the streets, Brian spotted little “Shrimp”, an emaciated apricot poodle in dire need. Lucky little girl traveled home to Florida with Brian where he foster her until a permanent home is found.

Also, special thanks to Kevin Hart and Jenna Bigman for the fabulous gourmet buffet as well as to Delia Valenti for the off-the-hook decorations!

We wish to thank the following local businesses and individuals for their generous support:

  • Jenna’s B&B
  • The Posada Santiago
  • Villa Sumaya
  • Susan Mabry
  • Jennifer Kip
  • James Easter
  • Restaurant Hana
  • The Deli Jasmin and Deli Fuego
  • Chalet Tony
  • Restaurante Tuscani
  • Kelly Agnew
  • Café Kitsch
  • Restaurante Atlantis
  • Murray Mintz
  • La Galeria
  • Roberta Lemon
  • Carol Ebani
  • The Circus Bar and Restaurant
  • La Palapa
  • Loretta Young
  • Reinhard Zoels
  • Sabina Secairo
  • Dita Zakova
  • Ana Cayax
  • Prema Easter
  • Mathilde Fanous
  • Edith Boyer-Telmer
  • Roberto Luz
  • Las Vistas B&B
  • Malini Thalmer
  • Estrella Gutierrez
  • Jeroma Sexton
  • Elaine Beal
  • Maya Vietnam Fusion Restaurant
  • El Dragon Hotel
  • Michael Toppel
  • Steve Ulrich
  • Duende Harrison
  • Robin Sharp
Donated Supplies From All Creatures Animal Hospital

More Donated Supplies from All Creatures Animal Hospital
More Donated Supplies from All Creatures Animal Hospital