Diamante Makes the Rounds

Several months ago Diamante was a patient in an Ayuda sterilization clinic.  Shortly after she returned to her home neighborhood she suffered a bad injury from a tuk tuk taxi.

After a call to Dr. Isael she was picked up in his ambulance and taken to his office.   Her leg was badly shredded but not broken.

Following a few days of Dr. Isael’s treatment and TLC, Diamante came to Ayuda headquarters to convalesce.

Now weeks later, Diamante has recovered very nicely and runs and plays with the other dogs every day.

But today was her lucky day.  Bruce and his family recently finished building a wall so that they could have a dog and companion.  They were looking for a dog just Diamante’s size.  A match was made and it was a win/win for everybody!

Bruce and Diamante on their way home [5-Sep-12]

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