Our Daily Rounds

Take a little walk with us as we make our daily rounds…..

First stop: 4 puppies with their Mom. An Ayuda volunteer encountered this new litter of pups about a week ago. When we arrived we were told by the family who runs the bakery and second hand shop that they needed to be moved quickly. The pups, old enough to get around, were on occasion wandering onto Calle Los Arboles, a busy street by Panajachel standards. We had a nice chat about the mother’s circumstances and what to do about the puppies. Mom’s previous owner had recently died leaving her homeless as well as pregnant. When the time came, she delivered deep in a drainage pipe where no one could reach the new family. As the rains began to increase over the last couple of weeks, she found refuge among the tightly packed items in the second-hand store.  While Allan and Selaine gave the pups their first Parvo vaccinations and worming, Kelly began calling our foster homes. By the end of the day, we had lined out temporary care for 3 and a permanent home for 1 pup. Mom is staying with her new buddies at the second-hand store who have agreed to sterilize once the time is right.

Next stop: La Casa de Manzana in Barrio Norte. Manzana is a sweet momma dog who lives with a family of locals along with her four puppies. We stopped in to see how life was progressing for this family, to continue the puppies’ vaccination series and to schedule them all for sterilization. Now on the boards to be done within the next couple of weeks, Allan began giving the needed combos and rabies vaccinations as Kelly and Selaine treated for worms, mange and fleas. The family was very grateful for the help. They really didn’t want Manzana to get pregnant in the first place. It was just another case of procrastination and they totally admitted it!  Thankfully, they have agreed to keep them all as we look for permanent homes for at least 2 of the Manzana’s babies.

3rd Stop:  Barrio Norte near the river. As we were leaving Manzana’s home, we ran into a nice gentleman who asked us if we could vaccinate his dog and cat. Whenever we meet someone new on the street who asks for help, the first question is always “Are your pets sterilized?” He replied, “Yes.” We love it when we get that answer! With that and a bit more discussion, we stepped inside, took care of his pets and he graciously handed us a small donation accompanied with a heartfelt blessing. He and his wife also agreed to talk with their neighbors to encourage them to sterilize and vaccinate their pets.

The Last Stop: This particular day, we wound down activities a little after 12 noon so that Allan could get ready for his afternoon session at school. We made our last stop at another home in Barrio Norte near Allan’s home. There we encountered 3 dogs and 7 cats (!) all in need of vaccinations and 3 in need of sterilization. The family is very cooperative and anxious to complete surgeries on their remaining pets. The lady of the house explained that they didn’t intend to have so many cats but the family simply didn’t have the resources to pay to sterilize and vaccinate them all. She was so happy to hear that Ayuda would provide the services in exchange for a small donation or for some other form of help, like advocacy.  We all agreed that the 12-year-old male shepard mix didn’t really need to be done due to his age.


Please help us continue to provide services to the dogs and cats of the Lake Atitlan region.  https://ayudagt.wordpress.com/donations/

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