Jaibalito Turns Out for Their Dogs and Cats

Checking in for surgery and vaccinations, please.

 Our first-ever clinic in Jaibalito was held this past Sunday. The lovely little village of 700 people is nestled on the western shore of the Lake and solely accessible by boat. Through the diligent work of friends Hans, Nadereh, Carol, Ceasar, Belle and Peggy along with the support of Cocode, Luciano, the team sterilized 24 animals and renewed vaccinations for several others previously sterilized. 

We were very fortunate to have a the help of Elena, a delightful young woman who speaks Spanish and Kaqchikel, the original language of the local population.  She took time to verbally translate our brochure and WSPA educational materials written in Spanish to the many, many children who showed up to see what was going on.  Clinics are an ideal time for humane education with the adults, too.

Dr. Juan Pablo Calderon along with vet team members Claudia, Jenny, Christian and Dr. David Barrios pulled off the surgeries including one very complicated pyometra case. As of today there have been no reported complications. Another perfect record for Dr. JP and team!

We also had a special guest volunteer photographer, Lori Dean visiting from Kanab, Utah where she is employed by Best Friends Animal Society.

All of our clinics are funded through the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and private donations.

Thank you again to a great team and to the village of Jaibalito for the warm welcome!

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