Safe and Sound in Their Foster Home

Abandonados, but not by choice. These four little ones arrived at the Santa Catarina clinic in a costele (coffee bean sack), their littles eyes not even open. The woman who brought them literally dumped them on the floor with a thud heard by everyone in the waiting room. After all the appropriate questions were asked, like “where’s the mother?” and “will you take us to her?” it was determined that the woman had no intention of helping the newborns.  Before walking out of the clinic she said that as far as she was concerned the puppies could all die.  We believe that she probably thought she was doing a good thing by leaving them with us.

Thankfully, the team rallied and a foster home was arranged on the spot. Ayuda volunteer Kenneth and his wife Rosario are trusted puppy tenders and took them home for the first couple of nights. In the meantime, Marilena spoke with a local pharmacist and his wife who agreed to take the “kids” for the extended period of time needed to bottle-feed, vaccinate, etc. and as we search for permanent homes.

Yesterday the puppies  received parvo vaccinations and deworming meds. Eyes open and playful, we have a happy family on their way to good health and forever homes!

2 thoughts on “ABANDONADOS”

  1. Tambien les agradezco por su trabajo carinoso y humanitario con estos animalitos. Mikki Aronoff, Albuquerque, New Mexico (associate member, Quaker Concern for Animals)

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