Santi Recovers!

Santi after his first bath
Santi begins his recovery

When we first encountered Santi last fall, he was a mess living on the streets of Santiago Atitlan. Ayuda was in town with Dr. Jim and his visiting vet team to conduct a sterilization/vaccination clinic.  Most likely an escapee due to the cruel scarring around his neck, Santi caked with mud crossed the path of volunteer Steve who picked him up for treatment.

Poor Santi was pretty weak after surgery and with his other multiple health issues it was decided that Linda, our medical coordinator for the day would take him home to Antigua for foster care. Well, true love soon bonded Linda, Guayo (her husband) and Santi together. Most importantly, smart boy that he is, he fit right in with the rest of L & G’s critters.  Thank you Linda and Guayo for giving Santi a wonderful forever home.   Just look at our boy today!

Santi and Friends

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