Thank you West Salem Vet Clinic!


 This summer, Julia, an Ayuda volunteer from Pana had the good fortune to meet an amazingly kind and generous vet in Salem, Oregon.  On a regular visit to Dr. Turnbull’s office with her father’s dog, Julia made the doctor’s acquaintance and discussed her work with Ayuda. 

Julia highlighted the many daily challenges we face as we care for our community animals and work to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats. Dr. Turnbull immediately showed concern and interest in our efforts and offered to help. Julia explained our ongoing need for in-kind contributions of vet supplies and that was all Dr. Turnbull needed to hear! 

She immediately began to gather much-needed supplies for Ayuda including among other things: flea treatments, mange treatments, antibiotics, and de-wormer.  Through the generous support of Dr. Turnbull and her colleagues at West Salem Veterinary Clinic in Salem, Oregon, we are going to have many more healthy, well cared-for dogs & cats.  

Yay! Supplies!

 Thank you again Dr. Turnbull on behalf of Ayuda and the many animals in our care.  We really appreciate your help in the fight to alleviate overpopulation and improve the lives of those animals already a part of our community.

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