Slippery Xenii Now a Mother

Oh, how we tried to catch Xenii! We tried with a trap, we tried tackling, we tried medication, we tried to corner her in a hotel parking lot. She would have none of it! So, naturally Xenii became pregnant and disappeared into the hills.

We wondered when and where she would reappear. Would she be alone? Did someone tie her to catch the pups and take them to market? Did she fall victim to cruelty?

The questions were answered over the past weekend when volunteer Marilena visited her maintenance station, Las Cavernas. There was Xenii with 5 fat, gorgeous puppies.

Brenda, who works at the marina flagged down Marilena to tell her that about 10 days after the storm, Xenii and her babes moved from somewhere to underneath the very same boat that Cumatz had used to whelp her pups a year earlier!

Brenda, her father and the marina comedor workers have been taking very good care of the new little family.  These caring people knew it was time to worm, vaccinate and exam the pups as well as line them up for sterilization before inquiring people took them away to new homes.

Ayuda team members gathered and treated the pups and Xenii, who is now totally cooperative! She freely allowed us to pet, worm and vaccinate her.  Brenda and the on-site team will continue to monitor the family as we wait for Xenii’s milk to dry up and to continue the vaccination series.

In the meantime, other team members will get to work on finding good homes for these adorable pups and we already have a great start! Bandito and Manchita are both spoken for and will move to their new homes this weekend.  Another human family is thinking about adopting Cresta. Vamos a ver!

Note: Slippery Xenii didn’t want her picture taken. As soon as she saw the camera, she headed to the hills!

Brenda y Bandito
Cebellina y Negrita
Mari y Manchita
Mari y Manchita

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