Fixing Bobi

Bobi getting checked out before going in for treatments. 20-Apr-2010

Poor Bobi has had a busy week of people meddling with him.

Bobi is one of many homeless dogs who live along the beach in the Jucanya section of Panajachel.   There are several family owned small restaurants in the area.  Some of them care about the roaming dogs in their neighborhood and watch out for them.

Ayuda has been responding to daily calls from the beach’s residents and business owners as the underway heat season has progressed.  Bobi was picked up on one recent roundup of unsterilized beach females.  We were able to wrangle him into a kennel, but only with help from Dolores, who suggested that this male dog was a good candidate for neutering.  When he was first picked up it was thought that Bobi may have contracted CTVT.

Bobi was taken to Dr. Miguel where he was neutered.  We were very happy to learn that he did not have CTVT.    Rather, Bobi only had a minor infection in his genitals, probably obtained from participating in one too many heat gangs.  Ya no mas, Bobi.  Those days are now over for him.

Bobi was released back to his home base after he had recovered from his sterilization procedure.  But when Ayuda volunteer Julia checked in on Bobi she saw that he was not doing well.   His behavior was lethargic and his surgery wound was looking poorly.  Bobi was having a very bad allergic reaction to his recent stitches.

Jorge helps Selaine administer Bobi's meds. 23-Apr-2010

It was decided that Bobi would be treated in his home base and did not need to return to Zoo Mascota.    Dr. Miguel provided Ayuda with the necessary pharmaceuticals.   Even though quite reluctantly on his part, Bobi started receiving daily treatments for his painful allergic reaction.    Knowing bad tasting things and meddling with him are about to happen, Bobi runs for cover every time he sees the Ayuda pickup truck coming towards his beach.  Luckily, he has been successfully caught and contained just long enough to keep him on his treatment schedule.  But local assistance is always necessary from familiar faces who Bobi knows and trusts.

Today we are happy to report that one of the comedor families gladly accepted the responsibility of treating Bobi for his remaining medications.

It is always heart warming to see local indigenous people show care for homeless animals in their neighborhoods.  We know that Bobi and many other dogs who live along the beach are under watchful eyes.  We are gratified when the owners of those eyes call Ayuda as special care needs arise.

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