Church Mom on the Mend


Church Mom in recovery 8-Nov-09

The name Church Mom has been given to this homeless girl because she spends most of her time around the courtyard in front of Panajachel’s Catholic church.  She has always been one of our favorite street dogs.

We have seen and fed Church Mom almost daily for many months.  We know that she has had at least one litter, and we were led to believe that she had been sterilized before we met her.

However, as this most recent and very intense “heat season” has progressed, we have come to learn that we were not given correct information.  As evidenced by the encounter of yet another terrified female being pursued by a pack of males, it became obvious that Church Mom really hadn’t been previously spay/neutered at all.

Just like Little Sister, Feathers, Xela, and others whose stories have not been published, a very frightened Church Mom was similarly pulled from beneath a parked car while determined males postured and surrounded her.

Unfortunately, Church Mom’s sterilization surgery the next day did not go as well as normal.  She was anemic upon arrival with a suspected blood disorder similar to sickle cell anemia and then lost a great deal of blood. It became necessary for this very gentle girl to receive blood transfusions from Dr. Miguel’s adopted dogs, Socks and Tzizu the tripod.  She also received specialized medication and supplements for her anemia.

Church Mom has been brought to the home of Selaine and Harold where she is receiving close care and monitoring.  She is very weak, but still makes it clear that she wants to get back to her freedom and street friends.  Her condition appears to be improving every day and we hope to release her before the end of the week.

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