Boat Yard Heroes

Cumatz and her pups  10-Sep-09
Cumatz and her pups: Nieve, Toffee, Tux, Bobi, Yasmina, and Pepe Lepoo 10-Sep-09

Enrique and Manuel preparing the roof  13-Sep-09
Enrique and Manuel preparing the roof 12-Sep-09

We just love to report news about local heroes.

As Guatemalan Independence Day draws near, there has been a sharp increase in the launching of recreational boats.

The other day our friend Mer checked in on some of the Las Cavernas puppies and the boat yard workers expressed concern about the safety of the pups with all the holiday traffic.

In response, Mer gave them some money and asked if they would go buy materials and construct something temporary but secure.

Out of Harms Way  13-Sep-09
Out of Harms Way 12-Sep-09

Young men Enrique and Manuel quickly went to work.  The new public dog house will have a dry roof and a soft floor.  Mama will be able to come and go but the pups will be confined until they’re more grown and the immediate hazzards have passed.

We proudly salute Mer, Enrique, Manuel, and Gerardo for their care and help to homeless animals in their communities.

2 thoughts on “Boat Yard Heroes”

  1. ‘Way to go Mer, Enrique, Manuel and Gerardo. Mer is always one to step up to the plate when animals are at risk and the young men should be greatly commended for their part. The animals are a reflection of us. If we are down, they are down.

  2. UPDATE: We believe that we currently have homes lined up for 5 of the 6 pups in the photograph. Tux is the only one not spoken for at the time of this comment.

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