Parvo and Distemper Deaths on the Rise

Parvo and Distemper kill
Vaccines can prevent suffering and death! 9-Sep-09 (photo submitted anonymously)

Despite best efforts since the formalizing of Ayuda (May09), during this year an increasing number of cases of Parvo and Distemper have taken street animals and family pets alike.

On the good faith that supporting donations will come, Ayuda is taking new steps to combat these deadly diseases through a planned series of vaccination-only clinics.

As part of its standard treatments, all animals which Ayuda has sterilized on a day-by-day basis are consistently vaccinated against Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosis, and other fatal diseases.  Until now,  we have focused our work primarily on homeless and roaming animals, as opposed to family pets.  But in the best interest of animal welfare and public health throughout the community, the scope of our work will be widened to address and prevent this quickly forthcoming crisis situation.

The planned vaccination-only clinics will favor the homeless in terms of using our available resources.  However, the clinics will also welcome impoverished family pets, which may already be spayed/neutered, but were never vaccinated for Parvo, Distemper, etc..

At this publication, 66 street animals have received the full set of Ayuda treatments this year, and another 12 have been fully vaccinated and are awaiting sterilization.  Our expectation is that a total of no less than 200 street animals will have been sterilized by the end of 2009, and that no less than 250 street and family animals will have at least been fully vaccinated within the same period.

Rabies vaccines are provided free of charge to anyone by the local Public Health Department.  But vaccines to combat the other killer diseases must be purchased.  We are actively seeking donations of $10usd increments.  Each $10 donation will enable us to vaccinate one more animal against the diseases listed on this page.

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