Xela on her way  4-Aug-09
Xela on her way 4-Aug-09

Xela (pronounced Shay-la) has been a regular at one of the Ayuda feeding stations for the past several months.  For all we have been able to determine, she is homeless and lives in the weeds of a cow grazing area.

When we first discovered her it was clear that she had very recently had a litter.  This restricted the timing before she could be fully treated.  Once her milk had dried she was treated for worms and fleas.  Her continued daily feedings have been steadily building her up.  She has been on our list for sterilization appointments, but today she jumped to the top of the list when she presented herself to us, in heat, and with a few male friends following closely behind.

Xela was immediately picked up and taken to Zoo Mascota where she will spend the night.  Tomorrow she will be sterilized, vaccinated, and returned to the feeding station where we see her and other homeless friends every day.

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