WOOF WOOF From Panajachel!

Einstein, retired street dog reporter
Einstein, retired street dog reporter
photo by: Eny Roland
photo by: Eny Roland

Woof, woof from Panajachel . . . Einstein, retired street dog reporting!

I’m back! I was truly flattered and humbled by how many friends have asked about me. While I’m getting on up there in years, I feel pretty good. Thanks for asking!

Some of you also asked if it was me on the Ayuda Welcome page eating the tortilla. Nope, but it’s most likely a cousin! We do share similar features and age, don’t we!

My debute post for Ayuda is all good news and big wags!!

First up: A big wag of the tail goes out to Annie L., our artist friend and supporter. She surprised us with a donation of a barely used large dog carrier! This fabulous addition will help us transport some of my rascally street dog friends that need medical attention. Woof, woof Annie — we miss you! Come home to Guatemala soon!

Another big wag of the tail goes to the sweet, anonymous person who left a 40 lb. bag of dog food at our door! What a terrific surprise to come home to after making rounds feeding my needy friends! Woof, my tail almost wagged off my butt!

I’ve also been excited and encouraged by our membership progress! Big wags of the tail to all of our Facebook friends! Your support there and here is so greatly appreciated! You can’t imagine what a boost it is to know how many of you out there are in our corner!

And, finally, huge wags of the tail and sloppy doggie kisses to those of you who have made the generous financial donations that enable us to work every day for homeless animals. We can’t do it without you! Thank you!

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