Humane Education for the Kids

A number of our supporters have asked about our plans for humane education.  We hope that this post gives some good information about what we have in the works for this area.

We eagerly look forward to the completion of the processing for our Guatemala Registration.  We hope that this certification of our due diligence will open many doors of opportunity.  This includes our application for membership as a society to WSPA (World Society for Protection of Animals), as well as audiences with the Guatemala Minister of Education, arranged through one of our Guatemalan board members.

school book cover0001

Humane education was discussed as an agenda item for the Ayuda Board of Directors meeting held on June 19th.   Society membership with WSPA will entitle us to privileges for their library of educational materials.   Different samples of their materials were reviewed during the Board meeting.  It was agreed to approach the Guatemala Minister of Education as a means of introducing this material into the country’s public schools’ curricula.

The WSPA booklets are bright, informative, and make learning about animals fun.   They include quizzes, stickers, cut-outs, and other interactive learning tools.  Below is just a basic 2 page sampling from only one of the available WSPA booklets.

school book sample page0001

In addition to classroom materials, WSPA also offers other valuable support and experience with teacher training and formal agreements with government agencies.  We hope to capitalize on their help as our long range plans progress.

In the interim, we are looking at alternative and immediate ways to get some basic things into schools and pre-schools as quickly as we can.  For example, perhaps many bites might be prevented from something as simple as tacking up this little table of animal body language signs in the classrooms.

animal body language table0001

Also in the interim, we are producing and reproducing copies of educational material as cheaply as we can.  We welcome any contributions of ink for the HP Deskjet F4180, all types of quality paper, and any other typical expenses found in reproducing and copying;  be they amateur or professional grade quality.

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