The Story Behind the Banner Dogs

If only she could talk . . . banner dogs

Looking directly into the camera is “Mama”, one of our puppy factories! By no fault of her own, of course, she’s just another of the homeless. According to locals, she has lived on the street and in the wooded barrio near my home for her entire life.

On the far right, is one of her daughters from a litter she delivered about a year ago  and the 3 pups are her latest litter.  Not pictured are 2 other females and 2 males from the older litter! The pack is growing and it’s time for Ayuda to intervene.

For the last several months, I have been feeding the pack and inching closer and closer in the hopes of establishing some trust. They are all as feral as they come and the team is concerned about trying oral tranquilizers to capture them for sterilization. Past experience has taught us that there are no guarantees on how quickly orals will take affect and typically, the dogs don’t stay in one place and tracking can be very difficult through the neighborhoods and woods.

Through our friendships and discussions with people in the neighborhood, they’re ready to help capture the feral pack for sterilization! They understand it needs to happen and really want to help.

Stay tuned for updates on the La Siesta pack.

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